ReinCARnated Vehicle Control Module - Version 5

ReinCARnated VCM V5 is a Vehicle Control Module for EV conversions using Nissan Leaf Motors and their chargers A control module that lets your use parts of a Nissan Leaf to convert your combustion motor to an EV on vehicles/boats Advance configuration option to set as required for different vehicles/boats With links to mobile phone or instrument panels on classic cars
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Manufacturer: Active Automation (NZ)
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This is our fith version controller, with a small form factor box

With small profile aluminum case and a single 48pin molex plug
Designed to be small and easily placed out where needed.


Current features:

1) Spin motor control based on accelerator pedal
    12 or 5 volt variable input options
    Mapping of accelerator pedal to torque can be set by user.

2) Charge of battery via 8 or 16amp home charger
No DC/DC charing yet: Does not currently support DC/DC fast charger, still complete this logic

3) Know battery state of charge from voltage level

4) Works with early 2011/2012 leaf motor 
    And the newer Gen2 newer stacks 

5) Support for Non-Leaf battery 

6) Support Non-Leaf acceleraor pedals


Examples of it use:

Removal of nissan leaf motor and test its working:
Spinning up motor on ski boat:

First test drive of Electctric Defender:


Please be patient we still updating content and the how to manuals 
Plus adding features to what controller can do

Links to Google Drive Doc with wiring and information about its use

ReinCARnated - Controller wiring diagrams/information

ReinCARnated - Controller wiring labels


EV conversion - Plugs and information quick links

Warning: Building an EV that is using High Voltage,
should be done taking all safety precautions to keep yourself and others safe while building or using it.

Certification laws: You may have laws in your country of use,
that will require the modification to be inspected and should be checked what is required before use.

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