Aeon LEDStrip and WallMote

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Today we are excited to announce the release of two new products on our website.
These products come from Aeon Labs in the USA and are great additions to the ever growing family of automation products from this manufacturer.

Aeon Wallmote Remote control

Aeon WallMote Quad

Whatever the room, whatever the wall, WallMote is perfect.
It is the wireless, Z-Wave wall switch that you can place anywhere, 
on any wall, with as little as double sided tape. Unpack it. Stick it. Charge it. 
Control is just a tap away.


Aeon LED Strip lighting and control

Aeon LED Strip

Paint your home in light. A full RGBW LED strip with Cool Whites and Warm Light. 
5m Strip fits nearly any application.


Both products are available now but we do have limited stock. If you miss out please contact us and we can confirm when the next shipment will be arriving.

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