Aeotec Dimmer Bypass

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Manufacturer part number: ZW150B
Manufacturer: Aeotec
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Aeotec Z-Wave Nano Dimmer Bypass



Stop dimmed lights flickering.


Dimming energy-saving lights is complicated – there’s a lot of different technology built into modern bulbs.


That’s why dimmed lights sometimes flicker or remain on – power trickles through. Bypass works with Nano Dimmer to remove the signals from your power line that cause low-watt lightbulbs to flicker.


Less than 4W.


If your light switch controls low-voltage lighting that uses less than 4 watts, Bypass may be needed when using Nano Dimmer for control and automation.


Compatible bulbs.

 There are lots of different types of light bulbs that your home may have; Bypass has been designed to work with most of them. It’s been designed to stop low-power bulbs from flickering

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