Aeotec Gen5 Smart Switch Plug (End of line Replaced by Smart switch 6)

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End of line Replaced by Smart switch 6
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Manufacturer part number: ZW075-B09
Manufacturer: Aeotec
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 (End of line Replaced by Smart switch 6)


Aeon Labs Smart Switch Gen5 is a Z-Wave device that can report the wattage energy usage and KWH usage to your Vera Z-Wave Controller, it can be controlled by other Z-Wave devices to turn on/off loads, it has a max load of 10A. It also acts as a repeater that forwards Z-Wave command messages to destination nodes if the originating controller is out of range from the destination node. 

By taking advantage of the Z-Wave mesh network, commands can be routed to their destination via intermediary “listening” Z-Wave products. Products that are Z-Wave certified can be used and communicate with other Z-Wave certified devices.
Also a tool that can be programmed, scheduled, controlled and communicated with from anywhere in the world.


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