Door Locks and Sensors

Ever wanted to know when the kids got home from school?
Or give temporary access to a plumber/trades person?

With smart locks like the Yale deadbolt, now you can.

Connect it up to your home automation controller, set up pin numbers for each of your family members and alert when they open the door.

Check out our forum for step by step instructions on setting up your new Yale lock.

Yale Z-Wave door lock

Adding sensors to your doors provides even further ability to secure your home. Knowing if the door is closed but unlocked is no longer something you need to think about.

 Just add an automated scene to your home automation controller and the door will check its status and lock if unlocked.

There are many scenes that this combination can enable. It’s up to you to decide how you want it to work for you.

The Yale door lock with a z-wave module allows you to lock/unlock the door without using a key. You can have multiple door codes for different people and know when they were used. Or join it into an automation scene to have lights come on dependant on the code used.


Door Sensors Z-Wave

Door sensors can either be recessed into the door frame (making them almost invisible), or attached to corner of the door. In both cases these small devices are unobtrusive and add great functionality to secure your home.