1938 Morris 8 Sport - EV Project






This one will be fun to drive, its a 1938 Morris 8 Sport, a 2 seater convertable. Its actual in rather good condition.

Starts and drives about and been stored in a farmers shed since 1986

The plan is to tidy up and get re-vined to be legal in NZ again

Then will remove the ICE engine and replace with EV engine.


First thing sort the brakes out so can stop as well as drive about

We checked all the brake lines and seemed good, was new hoses going to each wheel.
But checking the master cylinder, it was dry and the state of it was very bad.

Then explains the pedal not working at all, so removed the Master cyclinder and sent off to get over hauled.


And it came back looking like new, had leaks in the tin repaired and new linning on the boar.
Should get another 80 year out of this part.


Now have to bleed the brake lines again, and see if now can get a solid pedal.



Some body work to get the door to stay shut when driving with out the string holding it shut

The frame is woodern in these cars and the catch on the driver door will need some attention.

The door just wont stay shut when driving,


Indicator lights

Some one has put some strange indicator on to the bumpers, so not original.

Will just have to get the to work so can get the car legal again

Should of actual have trafficator that came out of the side, will see if can get some of them again


Well it has a wipper motor and it works, but no wiper arm, luckly found one behind the dash and look rather good still.



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