Lighting Options

Lighting is one of the most common uses for home automation. These options help you to set scenes and modes based on activities happening in a room.

When looking to control your lighting, you need to think about:

  •          Will the light be hard wired or using a plug?
  •          Do you want just on/off or dimmable?
  •          Would you like to control the colour of the light?
  •          Is power usage important to measure?

Based on the above, Active Automation has many options to help with your lighting solution.



Smart plugs are used to enable a wall socket to be remotely turned on and off. These devices do not require any installation (just plug it in like any normal 3pin plug). The advantage of the plug is they work with any standard 3pin light or appliance. As well as controlling the light, you can measure the power usage.

Aeon Smart Plug 6
Aeon Light Controller in wall

Hard Wired:

These micro devices are designed to sit behind your light switches. They allow remote control of the switch, can provide dimming capability, and measure the amount of energy being used by the light

Smart Lights:

There are many options for light bulbs, however the most energy efficient is the LED. Smart LED bulbs allow you to remotely switch them on and off, and in some cases control the colour of the room.

Aeon Smart Bulb