Ultimate HA Pack

Time to upsize that oder! Lets go crazy with the ultimate entry to home automation! Take the starter pack and double up. - Vera Edge Home Controller - Aeon Smart Plug 6 x 2 - Aeon Door/Window 6 x 2 - Aeon 6 in 1 sensor
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Manufacturers: Vera Control , Aeotec
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$650.00 incl tax

This is truly great value for anyone looking to kickstart their Home Automation experiance.

Our Ultimate pack has just the right amount of intellegence to meet most of your automation plans. It provides sensing capability along side powerful lighting/appliance on off control. Try out a number of advanced scenario's from turning on the lights when the door opens, or sensing motion and turning on the jug!

The pack comes with:

Not only will you realise great savings with this kit, but you will be getting market leading Z-Wave technology that will expand with you and your plans for the future.

*Note: We know that some times it is all about design. If you want to swap the Door/Window sensor for our alternative option, please proceed with the purchase and then email us at support@activeautomation.co.nz and we will swap them over for you.


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