Z-Wave Sensors

What makes your home smart?

Being able to react to events is a key component of home automation. Sensors are the devices that provide the smart input to your automation solution. With these devices you can really control your home.

There are many types of sensors, however we categorise them into three main groups:


Fibaro Motion Sensor

Multi Sensors:

These devices provide multiple sensors built into a single package. They offer a range of sensing abilities to allow you to control almost any scene or action.


Contact Sensors:

Great for offering security enhancement to your home, helping to know when a window needs closing, or when the door is left ajar.
  Aeon Door Sensor 


Fibaro universal sensor

Specialist Sensors:

These devices usually focus on one primary sensor function to offer solutions for different tasks. Whether you want to monitor flooding in the laundry or detect smoke in the kitchen, there are options.


Sensor Comparison Table

All of the following sensors are available from Active Automation, and we are adding new ones on a regular basis.

You can find our sensors here.


Zwave Sensor List